Lan Ling cigarettes Shenyang Cigarette

Lan Ling cigarettes Shenyang Cigarette Factory outlet "Lan Ling" brand cigarettes for sale online, a brand in 1960, is one of the oldest in Northeast China liberation grade tobacco exports. Initial "Lan Ling" brand cigarette brand is an imitation of the upper nobility hat ornament on the West: a beautiful plume. "Lan Ling" brand cigarettes designed enlarging production, Shenyang cigarette market increased by a wonderful Yan wins. During the "Cultural Revolution", and some rebels put forward, "Lan Ling" is the "four olds" is a product Marlboro Gold Cigarettes of the anti-emperor repair marlboro cigarettes obstruct "Lan Ling" smoke production. However, due to the good reputation among the masses of marboro cigerettes for sale, so the production of cigarettes has not been interrupted. After the "Cultural Revolution" ended, Shenyang Cigarette Factory on the "Lan Ling" cheap marlboro 100 cigarettes were upgrading, has exported the filter "Lan Ling" fine filter "Lan Ling" plastic box "Lan Ling" all-inclusive " Lan Ling "and is currently sold in the market, a" Lan Ling "secondary" Lan Ling "as well as boutique" Lan Ling "and so on. Special treasures Lan Ling cigarettes, marlboro cigarettes for sale in usa cigarettes online factory in Shenyang in the implementation of product structure adjustment strategy to launch high-end image of the product. Research and development of this product by the provincial company, Shenyang and Shenyang Cigarette Factory marlboro cigarettes for sale takes visa company leadership attaches great importance. In nearly a year's time, scientists continue through experiments and research, and finally into the current product design style. The intrinsic quality of design treasures Lan Ling cigarettes, has invited three research units involved in the design, blends, from the hundreds of species of tobacco varieties, selection of the finest domestic and foreign raw materials for flue-cured marlboro cigarettes online from usa tobacco, a total of more than thirty recipes form the laboratory, Seven pilot product, final confirmation recipe is from the finest imported flue-cured tobacco in Zimbabwe, Brazil and China, Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian and other places of the composition, together with the import of high-grade flavors and fragrances. The intrinsic quality of the product's unique style, Nose elegant, aroma, coordinate, moderate strength, choking rolls, no mixed gas, non-irritating, and clean aftertaste, taste and comfortable. Treasures Lan Ling marlboro lights carton for sale cigarettes trademark design, dark red in color, the background printed on the fan-shaped bird feathers newport cigarettes floral pattern, subject to trademark pattern abstract bird feathers shaped main pattern, the main characters and phonetic alphabet from the projections using bronzing technology, the overall design trademark noble, beautiful. Lan Ling treasures accessories design used in all high-grade materials, cigarette paper imported high air permeability of newport 100s carton cheap cigarette paper, together with the pearl bronzing tipping paper, cigarette's overall design aesthetic, high-grade. Box of aluminum foil with white aluminum external printing paper, prints and maintain coordination trademark paper, cartons use 25 small color box. Treasures Lan Ling cigarettes, will, after Gold Lan Ling, then dedicated Liaoning consumers a surprise. In the 1980s, "corporate culture" of the ship carrying the market economy travel across the ocean to China. 90s, bear the rapid improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, "brand culture" has emerged. Thus, there is knowledge entrepreneurs exclaimed: no brand business enterprise is no future, there is no culture of the brand is no development of the brand! Rain Comes from Wind. In the bud and the development of corporate culture and brand culture, it has 90 years of history, newport cartons sold in the usa cigarette factory in Shenyang Qingqi conscious corporate culture and brand culture banner. 1995 started the "big brands, big market, big marketing" strategy. The corporate culture, brand cultural integration. Lan Ling newport regular cigarettes brand to focus on, hit Shenyang Cigarette Factory "culture".



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