The first time i smoke Marlboro cigarettes

The first time i smoke Marlboro cigarettes What are not belonging to the legendary first smoking a curious fun, a cigarette after a draw down, except for the first time feel choked others no feeling and a series of smoke, Marlboro regular cigarettes, smoked in the mouth with a hint of good flavor, except i think that cigarette burning more quickly what it feels like, so i smoked 40 cigarettes in the first time, speaking of the figure seems to have some scary, but I began to smoke when really feeling are not only in shortly after I started a tons of big spit up... The stomach churning welling up just stuffy in the chest, that kind of feeling is really uncomfortable, after dizzy vertigo insist not to live in, I in the bathroom vomiting full half an hour to complete spit it out, spit it out after that i feel cool and comfortable.After this thing makes me marlboro cigarettes think of one thing, a lot of people like to hidden things in the bottom of their heart, the more pressure, the more slowly to suppress their own special fatigue, and gradually their heart will swell.At this time, you just need to Pick up a Marlboro regular cigarettes. A woman smoke Marlboro gold regular cigarettes is often because of loneliness, because sexy looks so confining the men around them much more special, but so many men and several people is because pure love to pursue them. Looks like they have a magnificent aura, but in fact their soul very empty, and even can be said that they are the most sad, when the coming of night, they Cigarettes Wholesale Online sit in the window and watch every family lights look, that kind of warm, can newport cigarettes only look into the cigarettes online distance in to be able to feel. They have been filling the emptiness of others and their own most lonely, even a person who can really talk.



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